Innovating the Construction Process

Commercial construction is always evolving. From the time we opened our doors in 1959, the industry has seen massive shifts in project scale. Yet for all the changes, many drywall and carpentry contractors still do things the old way.

That’s never been good enough for us. As trade contractors, Curtis Partition embraces technology to deliver large-scale work with boutique quality. Our team’s backgrounds in architecture, tech and construction management help us deliver a product other firms can’t.

We don’t use guesswork to complete your project. We use data. And by building an innovative culture, we’ve maintained our reputation as one of the oldest, most reliable companies in the business.

How We Innovate


Using parallel worksites, we prefabricate materials to increase on-site safety, reduce waste and stay ahead of schedule.

BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling allows our teams to streamline the design and construction processes while working efficiently with architects and engineers.

Independent Manufacturing & Supply Chain

As owners of our manufacturing company, we have tighter control over our supply chain, so our projects don’t stall when global events take place.

Make your next project a success with New York’s only data-driven drywall firm